Why the CanAm Spyder is good for returning riders

So with all the “returning” riders coming into the market in Australia in recent times I thought it relevant to discuss why the Spyder Roadster would make a good bike for them (yes some of you don’t think the Spyder is a bike, but don’t knock it till you’ve tried it and just a question- do you still class an ATV as a bike??) The Spyder offers a new dimension of open road riding (that is straight from CanAm’s brochure).
A “returning” rider is defined as a person who is 40+ who still holds their motorcycle licence from when they were 18-25 and who sold their bike and returned to the tintop, had kids, paid the mortgage etc. and have now decided it is time to get back out on the open road. Like most other advanced countries around the road this segment, not the 18-25 is a fast growing statistic age group, with more crashes than they should be having.

So that brings us onto what makes the Spyder good for this segment

  • 3 wheels offer greater stability than 2, this one is obvious
  • powerful but not over the top, unlike say a ZX14 the Spyder isn’t going to propel you to the moon with a flick of the wrist but is still quick enough
  • luggage compartment, most returning riders now have a significant other they wan’t to take with me and need somewhere to carry the extras
  • comfy seat
  • foot brake- similar to the car they have been driving for the last 15-20 years only a press of the foot brings the Spyder to a stop
  • electronics- with ABS, EBD, TCS & VSS the Spyder is a much safer machine
  • 10% the price of a Porsche, 110% more fun and can still carry two passengers and the bread and milk
  • handles a lot of road conditions, given the less than perfect condition of most Aussie roads this one is important
  • looks cool, your teenager is going to want to talk to you

So before you return to riding rent a Spyder from us and see what you think.