Riding the CanAm Spyder in the WET

Riding the CanAm Spyder in the WET
This one is all about riding the CanAm Spyder in the wet. How does it handle? Is it exciting? Is it scary? Hows the protection? are just some questions that we will answer.
The Spyder is obviously fitted with three tires rather than two as per your traditional bike, the rear is a and the fronts are so you would think you would have plenty of control and traction in the wet. Well the fronts are great- I have not yet suffered any over or under steer (in wet or dry), but the back, there is just too much power going to that single wheel and the back will slide if you aren’t controlled in your throttle input. The traction control seems to be slower to respond than I do. Or as the electronics are so smart maybe it is control and just letting me think I know what I am doing.
This ability to slide however makes for some pretty exciting riding and riding like you can’t experience on anything other than your quad/ATV in the wet or mud. I have only ever seen the best MotoGP riders going for a controlled slide out of a corner on anything with two wheels. So once again the Spyder is unique.
Becuase of how stable the Spyder is in all circumstances, including the wet it is not a scary experience when the back slides.
The fairings offer reasonable protection however if I was going to be using the bikes for a long tour, a week or more I would recommend investing in the touring screen and the couple of other deflectors that I have seen. I noweher near get as drenched as what I used to on my Ninja however and when I get off there isn’t a newly formed puddle in my crotch.
Like any riding or driving you do in the wet extra caution is required, especially on the twisty mountain roads of Springbrook, Mount Tamborine and Burringbar range, you just never know what the road condition is going to be around that next sharp bend.
It is also interesting to note the variation in weather on the Gold Coast from even as small as distance as 5km or a 100m climb so don’t let wet weather where you are put you off taking the Spyder for a ride because it doesn’t mean where you are going or how you are getting there is going to be wet and our gear is all wet weather so it is going to be comfortable anyway.