My favourite ride on the Gold Coast

Just thought I would share the ride I enjoy the most, obviously they are all great but one in particular is my favourite. And the winner is…. (drum roll)

Springbrook Rd

So what do I like about it?

The road surface is now excellent on almost all corners, no longer is the rough, pot-holled, truck lipped, burmed corner going to catch you out. A lot of roads have all of those things and that is just on one corner. The Gold Coast City Council recently applied hotmix to all but a few corners. Making the surface no longer an issue.

The majority of corners have a bit of run-off with only a few having guard rails. Some people will disagree with me and say that guard rails or “safety wire” are great things. It happens to the best of us that we get into a trance or make a small mistake, or hit a slippery patch, having a bit of run-off where you can pull the bike up slowly and safely or worst case scenario ditch it without crushing your leg against a guard rail or getting caught round the neck by a wire. Just watch out there are some massive gum trees, so always ride within your ability and to suit the road surface and conditions.

The view, when you get to the top of Springbrook you have a great selection of amazing lookouts, two of my favourites are Purlingbrook Falls and Best Of All. Purlingbrook offers a great view down to Surfers Paradise and the high rises. Best Of All is the most appropriately named on a clear day you can see south down the coast from Tweed Heads to Byron Bay and you have a great view of Mount Warning and the volcanic caldera. Make sure you pack a jumper if you intend to go to Best Of All, even in the middle of summer it is cold, probably the reason that there are ancient Antartic Beach trees on the walking track out to the lookout.

The range of corners- the majority of which are hairpin of close to, but there are also some great sweeping ones. I personally really like a tighter corner more than I do a long sweeper.

I also really like the smell on the way up, so long as no-one has hit a wallaby or possum, climbing up through the rainforest is such a refreshing experience and the air is so clear. It is also good depending on the season as the different flowers are out, there is a yellow wattle like bush that smells so sweet and honey like, it seems to flower June-August.

Once to the top you can turn around and so it all again or you can head over the back of the mountain down south to Murwillumbah or north to Nerang.

We ride Springbrook Rd on the Springbrook tour and the Surfers Paradise tour or the Google map is below for when you hire a Spyder.

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Note: the Tallebudgera Creek Rd that is shown joining Springbrook road doesn’t actually join so don’t plan on going up one and down the other.