Electric motorbikes- when will they be a reality?

With all the hype about global warming and climate change an already efficient mode of transport is becoming even more efficient, the motorbike is becoming electric! There are several new manufacturers who are producing electric motorbikes. Instead of a internal combustion, fuel guzzling engine they are powered by an electric motor with onboard batteries. They look awesome and with instant power they would have to be great to ride. The only downside I can see from this electric revolution is the lack of noise, think about the last time a V-Twin came grumbling along, you were well aware of the approaching motorbike, however when all that can be heard is a little whir, what are we to do when a two-wheeled electric powered machine creeps up on you.

A couple of the more notable electric motorbikes are

ZERO motorcycles- who have been around for as long as I have known about electric motorbikes. They build dirt, street and dual sport. ZERO started with the dirt and have added more styles as they progressed. Not only do they look awesome but they perform really well with stats like a top speed of 105km/h, a range of up to 80km, charging time of 4 hours and the best thing less than $0.01/km. Prices are around US$10k

The other electric motorbike and probably the best looking and in my opinion the best buy is the Brammo Empulse- for a naked bike it is beautiful. It’s specs are even more impressive than the ZERO with 40kw of power,  80Nm of torque (remember that it is instant!), recharge time of around 8hrs, (who could sleep for that long with one in the garage though) top speed 160km/h, and a range of up to 160km and a price starting again at US$10k depending on the battery option you go for.

As far as I know there are none in the land Downunder. I would to take one for a ride. Would you buy one?