CanAm Spyder riding instructions

Left hand side of the CanAm Spyder

Normal motorcycle controls are located on the left handlebar including indicators, headlights, horns. The indicators are self cancelling, but like a car it sometimes needs some assistance ie a quick press of the button to cancel.

Remember not to try and change gears with a clutch or gear leaver, because neither exist on the SE5, “+” goes up a gear and “-” goes down. If you need reverse hold the “-” and the “R”, be very gentle on the throttle as it is a very low ratio gear, it is also tricky reversing with a helmet and two wheels out the front to watch out for. To get out of reverse two presses of the “+” will do it.

The gearbox is 6 speeds with reverse where 1st would be in a traditional box. The SE5 will change down to ensure that you don’t stall but won’t change unless commanded. It also won’t change up unless the revs and speed are sufficient for that gear.

I recommend that you always ride it like a manual just without a clutch so you know precisely what gear you are in and don’t get suprised by a down change mid corner.

Also on the left is the park brake, the Spyder will select neutral whenever switched off so this is a must (even though the display may still hold the last gear either 1st or reverse), the park brake is manually operated by your foot and the slower and gentler the better. To engage press gently down until you hear several clicks and shake the bike to make sure it is engaged. To disengage press down gently and the spring will lift the lever back up. The display will scroll park brake and a red ! when engaged.

Right hand side of the CanAm Spyder

A normal twist grip throttle applies. You will quickly note the lack of a front brake lever with the foot brake controlling all three discs (thanks for the EBD and ABS). Make sure you take the first few stops easy!

The kill switch and starter button are also located on the right handlebar.

Multifunction key

– To lock the Spyder turn the handlebars full lock either left or right and then a straight turn of the key to the padlock, don’t press in. Remove the key.

– To unlock do the reverse, the handlebars may need a small jiggle to release the lock but remember not to press the key in.

– To access the front compartment press the key in and turn to the luggage/suitcase symbol, reach forward to the compartment and lift, just drop cover to lock.

– To access the full tank, under press the key in and turn to the fuel bowser symbol, lift the seat. The seat locks only on the right hand side so to lock just drop it down and make sure it clicks on the right.

Starting the CanAm Spyder

Switch the key to the on position, place your foot on the brake pedal, press the mode button, either above the mutli display (hardest, especially with a glove on) or on the reverse of the left handlebar, press with your index finger (easiest). Don’t press and hold, just a quick click is all that is needed. Last but not least hit the starter button.