Back on two wheels

Following on from my previous post, where the bike used for got it’s big 10,000km service. I was given a two wheeled bike as a loaner to return to the Gold Coast from Springwood. Suzuki SV650. Now most people would say yeh, what’s the big deal? who cares? But remember, I have spent every day for the last nine months on a three wheeled Spyder. Was I rusty on two wheels, hell yes. Had I forgotten all about clutches, front brakes and leaning into corners, YEP! So for me I hadn’t been this out of touch with two wheels since the first weekend when I did my QRide. It felt just like being back on that CB250. Compared to the Spyder I felt so small on the road, B-Doubles are huge, the SV650 lacked power. A roundabout that I would normally take in 3rd on the Spyder I had to change back to first on the SV. Getting up to Highway speed seemed to take forever. The SE5 on the Spyder is such a good system that I don’t know why other manufacturers haven’t adopted it.  The only good thing about it was that it took up barely any room in my garage and had I been game I could have split lanes. So in conclusion I am definitely a Spyder convert.